Episode 77: Michael’s Secret Stuff


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Jen, Sarah and Mary discuss the James Paxton trade, Christian Villanueva’s contract sale to the Yomiuri Giants, and the Hall of Fame Ballot. Twitter questions are also answered.

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0:00 — Intro
0:36 — This week’s rundown
1:04 — James Paxton to the Yankees
10:34 — Christian Villanueva to the Yomiuri Giants
15:41 — The Hall of Fame ballot unveiled
22:18 — Twitter Q: “You’re writing Space Jam: Baseball. Who is Michael Jordan, and which 9 are getting their talent stolen?”@JFordBaer
29:29 — Twitter Q: “What will the Dodgers 2019 season be like, and will it break my heart (again)?” – @olivia8k
33:43 — Twitter Q: “You’ve paid a skywriter to write one sentence over the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. What do you have written?” –@JFordBaer
37:42 — Twitter Q: “Where is Bryce Harper going that isn’t the Yankees?” – @_hgaudet
39:48 — This Week in Baseball History

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