How to Set Goals for Better Results


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If you're thinking about nutrition or fitness (or both), it's usually a given that you're thinking about goals. You've probably heard that you won't achieve anything without having goals, so you make up something vague like and plow forward. Inevitably, you get frustrated by not reaching the goal fast enough and quit. Sound familiar? If so, this chat is for you.

In this episode, I'm digging into the very important differences between outcome-oriented and process-oriented goals. You'll learn why you might want to cast a vision instead of get fixated on an outcome, and why staying committed to the process – while remaining fluid and flexible – is key. Also, you'll learn the surprising and powerful way to approach mistakes and failure that will keep you moving forward.

In this episode I covered:

  • Why outcome goals set you up for frustration
  • The importance of vision and feeling
  • How to leverage process goals to get better results
  • Why process goals often require a perspective shift
  • How to make SMART goals better

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