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Let us take a moment to reflect on our subtle ways of being, who is really in the driver seat of our lives? How willing are we to connect deep with ourselves, remove the masks and show up fully in this world?

Navigating us along this road today is the acclaimed Dr. Jenn Chrisman. Her empowering words allow us to renegotiate the relationship we have with our healing and put our highest self in control.

Moving forward, unpacking the past and learning not to judge all the versions of ourselves traveling with us on this road of life.

Dr. Jenn Chrisman is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, master coach, host of the newly top rated podcast "Love Your Truth" and forthcoming author who is committed to guiding people into their highest potential through inspiring radical self-reflection and offering practical direction.

She knew early on that she wanted to help others live better lives. With her formative years colored by obstacles and hardships she learned to draw from the power of resilience at a very young age.

The experiences of her life have left her with a profound capacity for empathy and understanding, as well as a passion for helping others advocate for their own lives. This, coupled with an innate inclination towards being a seeker, naturally led her to the field of Psychology, ultimately receiving a doctorate in Clinical psychology.

While her doctoral education and formal training has provided her with valuable knowledge about different theories, interventions, and mental health, it is her life experiences and intuitive nature that makes her truly special at what she does and capable of guiding others on their own paths. Her quest to find meaning and purpose in her own life has led her to whole-heartedly believe in the healing power of compassion, tolerance, and human connection.

After building, and out-growing, a successful private practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Jenn Chrisman began coaching other therapists and healing professionals on how to grow and market a heart-centered business. With the success of her online business, A Perfect Practice, she found herself with a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, and she again was forced to go deeper and explore what more her soul’s journey was calling for.

While Dr. Jenn Chrisman excelled at teaching and inspiring others in business, her heart craved more soulful work, returning to her roots and expanding on what she does best, connecting, she launched her podcast, Love Your Truth, in November 2018 and it quickly climbed the iTunes top 100 chart in self-help. Guests of her show frequently comment on how skilled she is at asking the questions that lead to deeply impactful and unique interviews. She is known for asking the question behind the question.

In addition to hosting the Love Your Truth podcast, she also runs a personal mastery online course 3 times a year, works privately with clients, is finishing her book due out in March 2019, and is planning her first retreat in October of 2019.

And finally, Dr. Jenn Chrisman is a mother, which has significantly shaped her perception of self, others, and the world. As she is on a lifelong journey of self-discovery, she was profoundly impacted by the transition into motherhood. She has come to believe that we all come into this world with a great capacity for being loved and loving in return; there is no greater reminder for the pureness of the human spirit than looking into the eyes of a child.

Listen up to find out how to make that SHIFT to a Harmonious Hustle!

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