Ep 47: Kevin Smith


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What's the big deal about Kevin Smith? Between 1994-1997 Kevin Smith releases Clerk, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy creating what is known as the ViewAskewverse in which all of these films exist in the same universe, same continuity. Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks 2, also within this verse would come later, but many of us consider the first 3 to be the Holy Trilogy of the "Jersey Movies". Kevin is beloved for a myriad of reasons but mainly because he’s “one of us”. He talks about the same stuff you and your friends do, he’s the ambassador of geeks, he made it cool to like comic books. He's one of the many inspirations for this podcast! So we dedicated an entire episode to discussing one of our favorite filmmakers and his films!Find Hashtag Tv Geek Podcast on:WebsiteSocial Media: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSubscribe: iTunes, Stitcher, PodbeanContact: hashtagtvgeek@gmail.com ?Keith: TwitterEric: TwitterMichele: Twitter, Tv Source MagazineKrypton PodcastTV Source PodcastSoap Countdown

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