Ep 51: Best of Movies 2018


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Best of Movies 2018! We are a podcast that talks primarily about “geekdom” and all that encompasses and so our lists will most likely have films on them that maybe are not nominated for awards but are blockbusters, superheros, franchise films, etc. This gives us the chance to shine some light on stuff that gets overlooked and we will always have time to talk about that other stuff on our annual Oscar review podcast. Categories will be:Biggest DisappointmentBiggest SurpriseSleeper HitBest ComebackBest Action SequenceBest SoundtrackFavorite HeroFavorite VillainBest Supporting ActressBest Supporting ActorBreakout ActressBreakout ActorBest EnsembleBest ActressBest ActorTop 5 Movies of the YearFind Hashtag Tv Geek Podcast on:WebsiteSocial Media: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSubscribe: iTunes, Stitcher, PodbeanContact: hashtagtvgeek@gmail.com ?Keith: TwitterEric: TwitterMichele: Twitter, Tv Source MagazineKrypton PodcastTV Source PodcastSoap Countdown

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