Pilot Palooza 2017


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It's our second favorite Hatewatch Holiday of the year! Pilot Palooza is back with all the shows we didn't watch in 2017. We start with a retrospective of the shows we watched during last year's Pilot Palooza and get emotional about all the friends we've made along the way. Then we dive right in with the 6 shows from our hat. The only thing hotter than Kirstie's mic are all the takes. We had feelings about men, computers, feminism, Scottish men, HBO, Rob Lowe, time travel, and knitting patterns. This was a year of long episodes and an overall impression of "meh". Find out which show stood out in the pack and start making plans for next year's Pilot Palooza. We also have a very special shout out for our first Apple Podcast reviewer! We also deeply apologize for Kirstie's audio quality, take it as a lesson to never spend time in a closet.

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