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Everyone's favorite Tuesday-Adjacent podcast is back to get a little meta as we talk about podcasts becoming tv shows and tv shows about podcasts trying to become podcasts companies......or something. We start with the new Zack Braff show Alex Inc., where we struggle with our feelings about Zack Braff, teenage magicians, family comedies, and 401Ks. Get the sco op on the upcoming Hatewatch With Us adaptation including episode synopses, the dream cast, and other hot details. Then we move on to discussing the idea of adapting podcasts into television. We ponder deep questions like which podcasts are television worthy, what podcasts would we hate to watch, and play our favorite game Listen to Kirstie and Kelsey Google. Our main take away was Zack Braff isn't great, ABC needs to stay in their lane, and Roman Mars and Kevin McCloud should face off in a competitive reality show. Send in your pitch package for the Hatewatch With Us TV Adaptation! Best one gets pitched to Hulu.

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