Episode 4: Sonny Lombardozzi


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Is there something burning up on stage during an Incantation set? You're damn right there is and that's this week's guest extreme metal guitarist Sonny Lombardozzi's fret board for Episode 4 of HB! Sonny is a phenomenal guitarist who continues to awe inspire audiences night after night while on the road with death metal legends Incantation and any other time he picks up a guitar to showcase his technical wizardry! The topics in this episode include growing up in a biker household, his love for Yngwie Malmsteen and scalloped fret boards, wanting to be the first guitarist to shred on the moon, the struggles of coming off of tours, listening to his metronome on the way to shows, how martial arts has kept his mind and body straight for over a decade, and the Saw series! Crank this one up to 11 boys and girls!

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After this episode see Sonny burning up the fretboard for yourself in the "Rites of the Locust" guitar play through video at the link!


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