132 - TEASER - Eyes of Fire


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Jen and Tim host Mike Rosen, who is a witch, to discuss a very witchy cult horror movie, Eyes of Fire! Also, if you were dying to know Jen’s thoughts on Midsommar, they’re in there.

Mike's graphic novel, Malleus Malleficarum, is indeed on itch.io and comes highly recommended by your hosts!

Jen misidentified the actor who plays Will Smythe as “Douglas Lipscomb.” She of course meant Dennis Lipscomb.

Severin Films included Eyes of Fire in their recently released All the Haunts Be Ours folk horror boxed set. If your interest in Eyes of Fire isn’t quite up to that $170 price tag, you can of course watch the film on Shudder’s excellent streaming service.

For more on the genre, Folk Horror Revival offers a generous repository of knowledge.

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