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Jen and Tim welcome back Josh of The Worst of All Possible Worlds podcast to discuss the Oliver Stone version of the Eric Bogosian play, Talk Radio from 1988.

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Jen got the date of the crash of Air Florida flight 90 wrong— it happened in January of 1982.

“The comment that brought Howard Stern his most notoriety during his time on Washington, DC radio in the early ‘80s was the infamous Fourteenth Street Bridge Incident. As morning man at ‘DC101’ WWDC, Stern was reacting to the Air Florida flight that crashed into the bridge in February 1982. ‘What’s the price of a one-way ticket from National to the Fourteenth Street Bridge?’ he asked. ‘Is that going to be a regular stop?’”
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Also Stern did not call the actual Air Florida ticket counter, because as most of us know, talk radio prank calls are faked. Just ask Bryan of Street Fight Radio! In fact, you can hear a deep dive into shock jocks for a pledge as low as $1 over at the Street Fight Patreon!

Shortly after his murder by white supremacists, a memorial piece about shock jock Alan Berg appeared in Rolling Stone. The author of the piece, Stephen Singular, later expanded this piece into the book Talked to Death: The Life and Murder of Alan Berg. You can read the original Rolling Stone article here.

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