Be Fully Convinced: Navigating the Grey Areas


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Should I wear a face mask in-public--Am I living in fear if I still forego-public gatherings- Or am I-honoring the Lord's call to love my-neighbor--How can I be sure-----Let each be fully convinced in his-own mind...- Romans 14-4 -NKJV--I can't remember a time when we've faced so-much ambiguity - and strong difference of-opinion - about basic social behavior.-The right or wrong way to deal with COVID-19-evokes wildly varying opinions in the community-at large, and even within Christian community.-Have you noticed this--As always, God's Word offers real help.--When it comes to gray areas - when what is-best morally and ethically seems unclear - we-need our God-given conscience to be well-conditioned if it is to lead us into choices that-preserve unity in the body of Christ.-This Sunday, we'll gather in person at HBC for-the first time in two months. Some of you will be-here- others will be with us via livestream. Some-of you here will choose to wear a face mask--others will not.-All of us, I pray, will be encouraged and helped-as we turn to the Scripture's guidance for dealing-with disputable matters.-I hope you'll join us this Sunday as we turn to-Romans 14 and consider- -Be Fully Convinced--Navigating the Gray Areas.-

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