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This is the 6th episode season 2 of the Hayden² Talk Show. This week we have a guest on our show, Hayden Hawkins's sister Kyra Hawkins. This was an amazing episode and very fun to record. As the beauty gurus say, "Like, Comment, & Subscribe"

I am happy to report that the Demo-2 mission launched successfully today, May 30th.

[News, News, News]

•SpaceX & Nasa DM-2 - 01:42

•COVID-19 Update - 05:07

•Economy - 09:24

•George Floyd & Riots - 14:34

[Top5's] Flowers w/ Kyra - 18:55

[Movie Review] Super 8 - 26:27

Urban Dictionary - 36:06

Random Tidbits - 42:06

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