Talking Heads - S02E14 - Hazardous Endeavors


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Hazardous Endeavors Season 2 Episode 14 - Talking Heads

Their meeting with the Triumverate concluded, our adventurers go to speak with the foremost scholar of the War of Ascension at the arcane university, Professor Albright. Although his tone may drive Elliot and Lindo into a coma, there is some important information that can be gleaned from his wise words. Will our heroes decide where they are headed? Will they learn more about what happened with the previous group of Dawnguard? Will Professor Albright's information help them get ahead of the game? Find out in this exciting episode of Hazardous Endeavors!

The characters are:

Lindo Espina "The Beautiful Thorn" - Human Rogue - Played by The Lady Crass

Wilf Quirk Tradewind - Gnome Bard - Played by Voiceover Guy Brian @VoiceoverB

Jaxom Shaw - Half-Orc Paladin - Played by Sound Guy Stephen @SoundGuyStephen

Elliot Frostmoon - Ice Genasi Wizard - Played by Wizard James

Game Master - Your Host Mark - @digitalanddice

We hope you enjoy Hazardous Endeavors!

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