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For only the second time, Brenna and Joe venture far into the past for a classic lit / contemporary adaptation comparison. Thankfully we have Jane Austen superfan Brennan Klein around to lend a hand unpacking her 1815 text, Emma, as well as Amy Hecklering's "loose" adaptation Clueless (1995).

On deck for discussion: how Austen uses her narrator to comment on her most "unlikable" heroine, Brennan's queer reading of Emma and how quietly groundbreaking a book that is seemingly just about marriage actually is.

And for the film, we talk about Cher's progressive take on virginity, the litany of likeable actors, and why the term "cake boy" needs to be (re)appropriated.

In Homework: Brennan discusses Darius The Great Is Not Ok by Adib Khorram, Joe encourages resistant viewers to take a chance on Taika Waititi's coming of age Nazi comedy film Jojo Rabbit and Brenna stans a possible Saved By The Bell revival.

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