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Brenna and Joe aren't feeling quite themselves - in fact they may be experiencing an out of body event as a result of reading David Levithan's 2012 book Every Day and screening Michael Sucsy's 2018 film adaptation.

Or perhaps it is simply that they are struggling with pronouns and personhood as a result of A's constantly changing bodies.

In addition to callbacks to the repetitive cycles of Before I Fall and Everything, Everything, Brenna and Joe discuss how the book, like Adam Silvera's writing, fails to understand its own appeal. Thankfully the film adaptation makes a strong narrative choice that helps to strengthen its storytelling ability.

Also on the table: Brenna's disdain for the book's horrifically awful use of a fat body as a plot device, and the pair's mixed feelings about the film's diversity (yay) of almost uniformly rich, model beautiful characters (boo).

In homework: Brenna catches up on Gossip Girl and Joe checks out Amy Rose Capetta's queer-and-body positive The Lost Coast.

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