Howl's Moving Castle


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Lock up your hat store and prepare to meet the wizard because Brenna and Joe are jumping aboard British author Diana Wynne Jones 1986 fantasy novel Howl's Moving Castle and Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's 2004 animated...interpretation.

That's right, we're calling it: in a first for the podcast, we have two titles so radically different that the film is barely an adaptation of the source material. The novel is a female coming of age narrative that's a little draggy and a little too full of serialized adventures. The film eschews its female character to tell a war story, replete with stunning visuals but thin characterizations.

Up for discussion: Jones' musical depiction of the Welsh language, the book's connection to Enchanted (see previous episode) and the challenges of examining older YA through a modern eyes. For the film, Brenna admits her struggle with subtitles, we discuss which character designs work for us and the grieving process inherent to analyses about adaptations.

In homework: Brenna reads a listener review, while Joe outlines the 2019 YALSA Teens’ Top Ten.

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