I Love You, Beth Cooper


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It's graduation night and Brenna and Joe should be enjoying a wild night of debauchery and wacky hijinks, but instead they're angry (like REAL ANGRY) about Larry Doyle's 2007 book, I Love You, Beth Cooper and Chris Columbus' 2009 adaptation.

Listeners who enjoy the episodes where the pair get a little frustrated with one or both texts (think The Kissing Booth) are sure to delight in just how much Brenna and Joe HATE this pairing. The structure is repetitive, the characters are stock, the content is frequently offensive and the jokes simply aren't funny. Strap in and expect plenty of swearing and sighs!

In Homework News: Brenna cleanses her palate with Laurie Halse Anderson's memoir, Shout, while Joe thanks the listeners who responded to the call (in the YA Forecast episode) for forthcoming books to keep an eye out for.

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