Looking For Alaska


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Is the third time the charm? After The Fault in our Stars and Paper Towns, Brenna and Joe are checking back into Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory with John Green's problematic first novel Looking for Alaska, which was just adapted by The O.C. and Gossip Girl scribes Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage into an eight episode Hulu series.

Up for discussion: does the book contain enough sign posts that protagonist Miles' perspective should not be trusted? Does the book suffer without its titular object of affection? And how has the controversy around this novel driven Green's entire career?

Meanwhile, in the film (as Brenna keeps referring to it), we discuss an odd case of streaming creep, the decision to re-structure the novel's "Before" and "After" section and Brenna dives into the adaptation's iffy track record on race and class. Plus: has Joe fallen for John Green's ploys by falling in love with Alaska?

In Homework: Joe keeps the Green "love" alive by discussing the trailer for the author's anthology film Let It Snow, which debuts on Netflix Nov 8. Meanwhile, Brenna tackles reader mail.

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