Netflix Algorithms and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia


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Brenna and Joe check out a new Netflix YA series, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, using its under-the-radar status to pose some questions about Netflix's changing priorities and the relevancy of its algorithms.

Broad discussion: how Netflix Originals have altered the streamer's original niche programming angle (the "made for Brenna" channel), why everyone winds up watching Love Is Blind, and how little (read: diverse) shows get buried.

Narrow discussion: with special help with listener Max, Brenna and Joe discuss Ashley Garcia's appeal, its connection to a burgeoning movement of smart Latina girls and why a hot young actor like Jencarlos Canela was cast to play Uncle Victor.

Reference: Castillo, Monica. "TV has a new kind of heroine: The Latina genius. Here’s why it matters." LA Times, Feb 26, 2020.

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