Tschick (Why We Took The Car / Goodbye Berlin)


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For the first time in ages, Brenna and Joe venture outside of North America and the UK to tackle a foreign text: German author Wolfgang Herrndorf's bestselling 2010 novel Tschick (published in English in 2014 as Why We Took The Car), as well as Fatih Akin's 2016 film adaptation (English title: Goodbye Berlin).

Brenna and Joe discover that this deceptively complicated road trip narrative is the anti-thesis of I Love You, Beth Cooper (see Book 1, Episode 28). Maik's journey of self-discovery addresses both class and race, as well as lessons about trusting strangers and not judging people by their appearances. There's also one of the worst YA fathers we've ever met, the film's completely abbreviated third act that still somehow works and a delightful musicality that we neglect to mention until halfway through BINGO.

In homework: Joe reads back mail on the Watership Down episode while Brenna praises the CBC's "100 young adult books that make you proud to be Canadian".

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