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It's time for a Nuclear dystopia, so Brenna and Joe hunker down in a Garden of Eden...er...valley of plenty in the hopes that a man of science never comes to threaten the peace. Or is it two men? This week, we're traveling back to 1974 to discuss Robert C. O'Brien's Z For Zachariah, a compelling, female-centric YA account of the end of the world. We're also talking about Craig Zobel's 2015 not-YA film adaptation, which is...a romantic triangle with sexy adults?

Both texts are solid in their own right, but we're primarily attracted to the excellent tension and incredibly gripping gender dynamics of the book. The film is decent, although the more on-the-nose religious elements, romance and poorly constructed racial stereotype doesn't work nearly as well. Bottom line: if you only check out one of these texts, make sure it's the book!

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