Health Coaching in a Medical Practice with Dr. Judith Boyce


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In this special episode of Health Coach Radio (with a live-online audience), our guest is Dr. Judith Boyce. Judith became a health coach after she spent a career as a doctor - after she spent a career as a nurse. This is because she saw health coaching as the way forward for doctors, nurses and the medical system in general. Dr. Judith has developed the Health Coaching in Medical Practice certification course which educates and trains coaches to go forth and conquer in the medical system. If that is the path you see yourself taking, listen closely to this episode and learn. In our conversation with Dr. Boyce, we dig into topics such as how Judith got fed up with how medicine was being practiced, how the PHCI program applies to other countries (other than the USA), and why Dr. Boyce is the perfect person to learn from. We also dig into what type of person would be a good fit for this line of learning and coaching, what types of certifications employers are looking for, what versions of health coaches exist right now, and why doctors need health coaches’ help. Plus Dr. Judith gives concrete advice about how to get your foot in the door and work with, not against, the system to benefit both the client and the doctor.

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