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Today we welcome one of our very favorite people to the show, Dr. Jade Teta. Dr. Jade has unofficially been dubbed "the Metabolism Guy" but he is also an expert in women's hormones, men's hormones, functional health and medicine and so much more. He has built online businesses, great content marketing strategies, has published several books, and hosts a podcast called The Next Level Human Podcast. I mean, what can the guy NOT do? His work straddles the line between personal development and physical development which makes him a perfect fit for Health Coach Radio. By training, Jade is a naturopathic physician, specializing in integrative endocrinology where he applies both conventional and alternative methods to the study of hormones and metabolism. Naturally, we get into all things metabolism and hormones in this episode. Dr. Jade was such a pleasure to talk to and we know you are going to dig this episode as much as we did!

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