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Today we welcome the dynamic duo behind the Habits to Thrive Summit, Anya Perry and Deanna Wilcox. These two amazing ladies are both practicing health coaches from totally different sides of the country who came together with a wild and crazy idea of creating a free online health summit where a collection of coaches share their favorite educational sound bites around how to change habits. With two summits under their belt, these two ladies have accumulated lots of valuable information that can help coaches who are ready to create something of their own. During this episode, we talk about many of the nuts and bolts that go into creating an online summit and Anya and Deanna share what they've learned, what they would do differently, how they've shifted from a free model to one that is monetized, and how to optimize the experience for both participants and guest coaches. If you have been looking for another income stream to add to your health coaching business, be prepared to be inspired.

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