Ep. 38: Clif Smith - An employee led initiative turned into a full blown mindfulness program - EY


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Clif Smith, Ernst and Young's (EY) Americas Mindfulness Leader, has personally facilitated mindfulness training to over 20,000 EY personnel. Clif was first introduced to mindfulness as a 10 year old during martial arts training classes. It was there he learned that the practice can help one overcome fear, self-criticism and self-doubt. This would one day be the tool which he used to overcome his fear instilled in him from being a “trailer park kid” and become a Chinese linguist, a diplomat, and apply to Harvard. He started a small grassroots mindfulness network in EY’s Americas region and began “teaching small classes and 6 people turned into 12 people, 12 turned into 24, 48, etc.” Then, when his CEO Mark Weinberger had to cancel a keynote at an annual event for newly promoted leaders, Clif Smith was asked to step in. It was then he knew that mindfulness was not work, it was not a career, it was a calling. Since then he has been helping people improve their wellbeing, focus and leadership as a result. Just knowing you have the tools to better navigate the normal ups and downs in life will reduce your stress.

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