Ep. 40: Antwone Fisher, teaches us how to turn imagination & forgiveness into a dream life.


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Antwone Fisher is an award winning writer and director whose life story was captured in the film Antwone Fisher which was directed by Denzel Washington who also costarred in the film with actor Derek Luke in the title role. Antwone's life inspired a Hollywood movie because he was born in prison to a single mother and spent most of his childhood with the foster care family where he was physically, sexually and emotionally abused. And yet Antoine managed to overcome the many traumas he suffered when he joined the Navy where he met Lieutenant Commander Williams a psychiatrist who helped Antoine turn his life around. In today's podcast we are going to talk to Antwone about resilience, dreams, forgiveness, gratitude and community. He was homeless on the streets at age 17 after being released from school. Antwone then joined the Navy and found he could travel the world, work with people from all different backgrounds, and hone his inner confidence. He shows us how he was able to turn a life of terrible circumstances into a life of forgiveness and self empowerment. He used his childhood imagination and survival skills to create a life of his dreams. We hear the incredible story of how he turned a security job at 20th Century Fox, into a quarter million dollar screenplay, and a long career as a professional screenwriter. He is now directing his first feature film called Lincoln Perry.

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