Ep. 48: Tami Simon - Co-Mindfulness & the True Litmus Test of an Interconnected World - Sounds True


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Tami Simon is the founder and CEO of Sounds True, a multimedia publishing company with a mission to wake up the world, for over 30 years. Tami has been disseminating the wisdom and guidance of today's leading spiritual teachers. Tami is also the host of the popular weekly podcast Insights at the Edge and the author of the audio book Being True: What Matters Most in Work Life and Love. We grew up with Sounds True over the last 25 years listening -- and being so inspired. Tami talks about her candid personality and her early childhood experiences cherishing books which reflected back her inner knowing that the world was interconnected. Working with hundreds of famous leaders and spiritual teachers in her company, she comments that the true litmus test is to observe ourselves and look at how we interact with other people outside of work, books and lectures, backstage. The mindfulness boat is all about “generating greater love, greater understanding, greater appreciation” and deep humility and listening within your daily social interactions. Tami explains that everyone wants to be heard and that is often more productive to listen from a place of not having a position, so that you can surrender to the moment. Humility, she adds, is letting ourselves not always have all the answers. It’s a lot more interesting to be on a path of discovery with other people. In this podcast, you will learn how to be vulnerable, and how to love and accept yourself even in your most dark and difficult moments. What are the most powerful ideas on the frontier? The concept of co-mindfulness - which allows us to see cooperation and understanding in the social structures which drive forward our interconnected future. Sounds True Website: www.soundstrue.com Twitter @soundstrueFacebook @soundstrue Instagram: @soundstrue

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