Ep. 49: Dr. Mary Neal - Life After Death, The Unity Between Science & Spirituality Is Revealed


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Dr. Mary Neal is board certified orthopedic spine surgeon and she's an author -- two times over. In this interview she talks about how she spent 30 minutes without oxygen underwater but came back to life. During those thirty minutes she felt a shift in time and dimension and she watched her body being pulled to the shore. She explains how she didn’t feel unconscious, she felt more conscious and more alive than she has ever felt. In this interview she shares that there are millions of people who have had this life after death experience and that the stories people share upon returning are similar. She explains, “You can't go through an experience like this without having everything about you change. And I will say that I spent many months afterwards trying to come up with a scientific or medical explanation and ultimately was unable to.” Dr. Neal believes that it's a false choice to either believe science or believe in a spiritual world because they co-exist and integrate very easily even though they are very different. She explains, “They answer different questions. Science will always be the means by which we try to figure out how things work and spirituality will always be the pathway by which we answer the questions of meaning and purpose.” She explains that it is ironic people feel threatened by spirituality because in death “all relationships are reconciled and there is nothing but love”. To find your true path, she explains, you must leave the couch, try things and wait for a sign to see if you are headed in the right direction. More From Dr. Mary Neal Website: www.drmaryneal.com Twitter @drmarycneal Facebook @DrMaryNeal Instagram:@drmaryneal

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