New Years Resolution Ideas For Weight Loss Success, FREE Nutrition Book And Video Course, Dog Almost Loses Virginity, Our Mom's Hate It When We Swear.


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Matt and Tyler open the podcast by discussing Their Christmas experience with the family and the dog almost losing his virginity in the living room. Tyler describes the Dunkin Donuts drive through "pay it forward" movement. Matt discusses The #1 thing to look out for in order to lose weight successfully and achieve your new years resolution goal. The pair take viewer questions from emails and Matt discusses how fruit smoothies played a role in one client gaining weight. Matt describes a fast way to lose weight by making dietary changes. Matt describes the best workouts to lose weight and the best diet to lose weight. Matt gives various weight loss tips catered to help our listeners with this health goal. (Which is the most common new years resolution) Reading labels and looking out for hidden sugars is also described and discussed. Tyler brings up the word fuck as the two discuss how it really isn't that bad of a word. We would love our fans to leave an itunes review but for some reason apple has over-complicated the matter! Any fan can leave a review and email us with how they did it and say anything they want on air as a reward! Tyler and Matt describe the holiday dietary struggles and fatigue as a result and talk about how they are getting back on the health wagon. Matt also discusses his new and upcoming short information based podcast titled "Fit Nutrit Commit" out starting next week. Notes: Christmas Holiday's and a nice big breakfast Tyler's Parents dog almost loses virginity live in their living room. Dunkin Donuts drive through - Paying it forward vs. being narcissistic prick (a dink) Calories in vs. Calories out Don't matter - Know how your body is going to react to the foods you are putting in it Tyler's Mother's 8-Hour-Diet and her incorporating Podcast advice Number 1 most important thing for Resolutioners"... Read labels properly by subtracting the fiber! Why Pasta, Fruit juices, even fruit smoothies can affect you negatively Fruits are healthy for you - but will smoothies help or hurt your weight loss? Epi-pen raised 300% - Why items invented for helping people should be free Weight loss (if thats your goal) HAS to be the number 1 priority. PLAN - Plan meals, work outs, and follow them- especially if you are on the go. START NOW - Don't wait for the calendar to change We swear to be authentic and passionate! We also describe how FUCK is the best word Why leaving an Itunes review is nearly impossible and the biggest pain in the ass

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