Ep. 51: Carfax for Medical Devices - Susan Ramonat (CEO Spiritus)


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Health Unchained Links Website: healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind Bert's Blockchain/Healthcare Newsletter: bert.substack.com Spiritus Partners Homepage: spirituspartners.com Susan Ramonat, CEO of Spiritus Partners, a startup building technology that could disrupt the way health systems, device manufacturers, and 3rd party service providers work together to ensure better safety, cybersecurity, compliance, and tracking of medical devices. •Susan- Introduction/Background •Connect the Dots Newsletter - https://www.getrevue.co/profile/sramonat •Current state of the Economy and Fintech developments •Origins of Spiritus Partners – based in Exton,PA, Development center in Edinburgh, scotland •What problems do your prospects have that your business solves? •Medical Device supply chain and operating life of devices •Why blockchain in healthcare? •CMMS: Computerized maintenance management system •Medical IoMT devices ecosystem oStakeholders- manufacturers, healthcare establishments, 3rd party servicers •Quality management systems •Growing resale market for developing nations •Safety, sterility, and reliability of devices •Working with the National Health Service •Technical specifications (architecture) of Spiritus Partners oData privacy & Encryption security oM2M technology oIdentity verification oData storage oShift from Ethereum to Hyperledger •Minimum Viable Consortium •Three blockchain Layers: 1. Multi-party consensus 2. Smart contracts (Business logic) 3. Tokenization •Business model- how do you make money? •Real world evidence Innovation •Commercial Partners and concept traction •Company Roadmap oOpen jobs in Edinburgh •Platform Engineer •Lead Analytics Engineer •UX Lead •Personal Questions oIf you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted? Fingernail oFavorite book - Reflections on the Revolution in France pamphlet by Edmund Burke oFamous role model - Robert Frost (poet) News Corner: https://slate.com/technology/2019/11/google-ascension-project-nightingale-emergent-medical-data.html A big headline in the last couple weeks was the revelation of Project Nightingale, Google’s somewhat secret deal with the largest non-profit health system in the United States, Ascension. In 2018, Google gained access to over 50 million people’s medical records spanning 21 states. Google plans to use this data to generate emergent medical data, which can be used to predict people’s health without their actual health data, they can use less sensitive consumer data to glean insight about a person’s health. Google states that it will use all this data to support improvements in clinical quality and patient safety. I do think we need a solution to fundamentally change the way data is treated, especially for consent management and data ownership. I think that eventually DLT will create new models that will allow emergent medical data insights to be generated that satisfies the demands of all participating stakeholders, including the patient.

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