Ep 53 with psychologist and nutritionist Dr Nicole Beurkens


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Child behavior challenges, anxiety, ADHD & autism - and the role of nutrition and lifestyle factors. Dr Nicole Beurkens is known as one of the only clinical psychologists in the world with advanced degrees in nutrition and special education who has spent over 20 years helping families identify the root of their children’s behavior, attention, anxiety, or mood disorders - sometimes where other specialists have failed - using lifestyle solutions before medication. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She’s also a mother-of-four, an award-winning therapist, a published researcher, international consultant, author of two books - and somehow still has time to lead a team of clinicians at her treatment center in Michigan. After learning about Dr Beurkens’ integrative work, I was really keen to interview her on healthHackers. When I was teenager, at least two practitioners linked my debilitating anxiety to fluctuating blood sugar levels. It resulted in a major dietary shift for me (and my family). At the time, we knew barely anything about possible associations between food and brain health. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In episode 53, Dr Beurkens shares her insights on: 🔹the rising number of childhood disorders 🔹why she looks for the root cause before prescribing psychiatric medication 🔹the real problem found to be affecting 40% of children diagnosed with ADHD 🔹the significance of the gut microbiome in child mental health 🔹nutrition solutions for improved child behavior 🔹the vitamin deficiencies that can affect behavior 🔹diet changes with the most success in her ADHD and autism patients 🔹when placebo pills have been found to work better than psychiatric medication 🔹the problem with disorder labels and misdiagnosis 🔹what is pandemic-life doing to children’s emotional and behavioral health? 🔹how your reaction to the COVID-19 crisis affects your child’s behavior 🔹and - how Dr Beurkens limits her children’s screen time (without an argument!) Dr Beurkens’ website: https://www.drbeurkens.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drnicolebeurkens/ Better Behavior Show podcast: https://www.drbeurkens.com/podcasts/ 🟥Common sense caution: Anything you hear or see within healthHackers content should not be considered personal or medical advice. You’ve all heard it before, so you know the score - always talk to your own health provider about your concerns.👌 To watch healthHackers episodes as videos, head to the YouTube channel: youtube.com/HealthHackers For articles, podcasts, mini clips, health-tech review videos, guest episodes and to sign up for the monthly newsletter 👉 https://healthhackers.org/

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