S2E08 - @bookersbrye - Brian Crompton could be the community's only whisky entertainer and his we discuss he tricks, his humor and eventually we go crazy and talk about how much we miss sports - 04262020


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The man who mixes humor and tricks with his whisky to create one of my favorite digital cocktails. Brian Crompton AKA @Bookersbrye is essentially running a whisky-based variety show out of his kitchen where he personally performs some combination of sketches, balancing acts, trick shots and dirty poetry every day for your viewing and drinking pleasure. And what’s more, the toughest trick he’s ever pulled off, he’s been able to figure out to how to do this full-time. I was excited to get a chance to finally get Brian on the show and hear his story but as we recorded this phone call the topics strayed from whisky, so for the second half of the interview, we geeked out about sports, which was particularly insightful into Brian’s personality because before he became the sardonic whisky entertainer of instagram, he was a golf pro. If you miss sports like we do, it's a fun segment.

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