#104 - Lenina Mortimer - The Breakup Funeral Method


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Lenina Mortimer is a best-selling author and an award-winning video producer who teaches healthy women how to overcome breakups. She wrote, "I Ain't Thinking About You: The 8-Step Guide to Finally Letting Him Go Using the Breakup Funeral Method." She developed The Breakup Funeral after having been ghosted. The method helps women find closure, get insight as to why you can’t get over your ex and why you keep dating the wrong men. As a Haitian-American woman dating in New York City with a background in psychology, neuroscience, journalism, and communications, Lenina has developed the skills to coach ambitious women – helping them to understand their power in dating and in life. Lenina has a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Education with a concentration in Spirituality & Mind-Body Practice and Positive Psychology from Columbia University.

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