#96 - Roxy Ghoraishy - Real Estate To Social Impact


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Roxy Ghoraishy is a sound healer, reiki master and the founder and mother of Ceremony Meditation located in the heart of Venice Beach. It is a healing and wellness center that was created to bring together a conscious community to enhance their practice of meditation, healing, cleansing, self-growth and overall transformation of consciousness. In this episode, we dive into Roxy's journey from successful real estate entrepreneur to reiki master and spiritual awakening. It was Roxy's courage to tune in, listen and trust what her heart was telling her, that paved a way to transformation. Now, she is dedicated to living a life of service, passion + purpose and igniting this flame in others. She has a deep love for sharing ancient wisdom, sacred ceremonies, and works energetically to create space for deep healing and expansion. Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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