#97 - Larry Merculieff - Elder Wisdom For Modern Living


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Our guest on today's episode is very special! His name is, Larry Merculieff. Larry is an Alaskan elder who has almost four decades of experience serving his people, the Aleuts of the Pribilof Islands and other indigenous peoples in a number of capacities—locally, statewide, nationally and internationally. For his entire career, Merculieff has been a passionate advocate for indigenous rights/wisdom, and harmonious relationship with the Earth Mother. In this conversation, Larry shares the wisdom of his people and how it can be applied for modern living. The key message in our conversation is - all that is required of humanity right now is to connect with their hearts. Larry goes on to share stories from childhood around how he was raised the traditional way - and how that impacted him as a man and the work he does in the world today. This is a beautiful conversation not to be missed!

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