Rare Peek into Nomoli Sacred Stones


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DOGON and NOMOLI SACRED STONE FIGURINES Is there a connection between the well-known Dogon and the suppressed/obscure Nomoli artifacts unearthed in West Africa? Are proximity and pronounciation coincidence or evidence of connection between the Dogon's Nommos and the Nomoli Stones? After Dogon came up in my first Nomoli radio interview a listener pointed out that - The Dogon were visited by the NOMMOS fish like beings… This did not initially chime because NOMOLI are not “Fish-Like”. Then upon further research I found that translation was not fully accurate. They were “amphibian type beings”… Not fish-like. These were the beings who enlightened Dogon to Serius B and the celestial knowledge they are credited with. This caused us to think…. Nomoli are sometimes depicted with crocodiles connected to them. The Nomoli Gods were said to have infused their power into crocodiles. Natives revere crocs specifically due to the fact that these creatures could exist, thrive and hunt “on land and in the water”. As modern science refers to “Amphibians”. Furthermore it is noteworthy that Nomoli come from Sierra Leon, Guinea and Liberia. Dogon are from Mali, in fact the Mali Empire. There are those who believe the predecessor to Egypt and pyramids was an ancient civilization in West Africa. That buried deep in the jungle (bush) are the remains of these early pyramids to be uncovered someday. So the question arises perhaps for the first time. Do Dogon have a connection to Nomoli Gods and thereby Nomoli Sacred Stone Figurines? For those interested in ancient alien theories, alternative healing, ancient civilizations, spiritual/mystic realms and new discoveries. Awaken them to these enigmatic artifacts of unknown origin, unearthed in West Africa.

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