Winston Peters: What happened last week "was a disgrace"


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Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters joins Heather du Plessis-Allan, returning from a period of absence, to talk about the turmoil surrounding the Labour Party.
A 19-year-old Labour volunteer detailed an allegation of sexual assault in an article published last Monday in The Spinoff.
She subsequently released email correspondence to The Spinoff that she said outlined her sexual assault claim to the panel, both in March and in June, adding that she also told investigating panel members about the assault verbally.
The panel looked into seven formal complaints about an ex-staffer and decided in July that no disciplinary action was needed.
The ex-staffer, who was employed by Parliamentary Service and worked in the Labour leader's office, quit his job last week but continues to say he has done nothing wrong.
His resignation followed that of Nigel Haworth, who stood down from the Labour Party's presidency after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern challenged him over his handling of the complainants and the harm that the party's process had caused them.
Maria Dew QC is now reviewing the issue after complainants said the process was unfair and the sexual assault complaint was ignored.
Peters says what he saw unfold was "a disgrace" and wishes he was there to help deal with it.

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