HH 0016: The Nirvana of Doom? (Thomas Jäger/Monolord)


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We’re beyond stoked to welcome Thomas Jäger, guitarist and vocalist of Swedish doom trio Monolord on Heavy Hops for Episode 016. We touch on what’s on the horizon musically and creatively for Monolord, as well Thomas’ solo endeavors. Thomas reveals how Monolord’s songwriting and the organic nature of their recording has evolved over time. In promotional materials and in reviews the band – specifically in relation to the third album Rust – has been referred to as the “Nirvana of doom”. We discuss the aptness of this description. Instrumental versions of the bands first two albums Empress Rising and Vænir were released via Riding Easy Records earlier this year; we use these albums as lenses into the bands sound and detail orientation. No Comfort was the bands first album on Relapse Records, we discuss the differences between working with bigger and smaller labels and how the band has successfully bridged the gap.

Thomas recently created an awesome playlist he wanted to share with listeners, check out the “I am the saxophone” playlist HERE.

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