#121 Cory Smarsh & Jacob Toy (Signs of the Swarm)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. My guests this week are Cory Smarsh and Jacob Toy, guitarists in Deathcore/Death Metal band Signs of the Swarm. Cory and Jacob take me through their roots of heavy metal and the records and bands that got them into the genre, we even have a similar band that got us into the genre, which was Hatebreed. The two tell me about the writing process for this record and how there is no shortage of inspiration or riffs between the two guitarists and how they're always writing. This album really see’s the band step more into the Death Metal realm and Cory and Jacob told me how they wanted to really just “Write this album for ourselves” the two are fairly young and the band is only on their 3rd record so the sky is the limit with where these guys can go in the future.

The band is about to embark on the “Bloodletting North America” Tour with Disentomb, Visceral Disgorge, Organectomy, Continuum and Mental Cruelty. The tour starts September the 13th and runs through October the 13th.

The bands album “Vital Deprivation” comes out October 11th on Unique Leader records.

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