#123 Jamie Hanks Returns! (I Declare War)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. My guest this week is a return guest! After 2 long years Jamie Hanks returns to the podcast, BUT unbeknownst to a lot of listeners, we actually recorded an episode a year ago that never saw the light of day due to a computer failure. Jamie is back though and we talk about his bands upcoming EP “Downcast“ which is ENTIRELY DIY by Jamie and the band. This is an important episode for a number of reasons, mainly due to Jamie giving me a solid day to day of the ins and outs of how a band managed to juggle all the things that need to go into recording/writing and getting a record made on their personal budgets. It’s insightful and revelatory. Jamie and I also discuss a plethora of horror films and which are some of his favorites and the correlation between horror and heavy metal.

Buy the EP: https://ideclarewar.merchnow.com/

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