#55 March 1998


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History the Podcast!

March of 1998 saw a plethora of releases from legacy bands as well as birthing new genres into the world. Deeds of Flesh brings Brutal Death Metal into the world, Training for Utopia bring the early days of the Christian Metalcore movement, Tristania try to perfect and refine their sound on “Widows Weeds”. Rob Halford, after leaving Judas Priest starts a solo project with the help of Trent Reznor, John 5 and a few more prolific artists to put out an Industrial Metal album with his group 2wo. Motorhead do their best to stay relevant by rushing out an album that none of the band even like to talk good about. German Thrash band Tankard show where Municipal Waste got their whole “schtick” from. Even MORE power metal from bands like Symphony X and Rage. Iron Maiden put out an album that not even our analysis and research can fully explain the reasoning behind this terrible terrible album and we ask how much would you have to pay Dustin to listen to Iron Maiden's "Virtual XI" (A lot). Finally we round out the episode discussing one of the best Black Metal albums released in 1998 with Marduk’s Nightwing and speaking of the band who are recently in the news, we get into the dirt about the current climate in metal, where so called "journalists" (Metalsucks) along with the likes of ANTIFA have taken it upon themselves to perpetuate witch hunts of black metal and metal in general, about political correctness with feigned SJW outrage. Thanks for listening and be excellent to each other!

Albums we discussed:

  • Deeds of Flesh – “Inbreeding the Anthropophagi

  • Training for Utopia – “Plastic Soul Impalement

  • Tristania – “Widows Weeds

  • 2wo – “Voyeurs

  • Motorhead – “Snake Bite Love

  • Tankard – “Disco Destroyer

  • Symphony X – “Twilight in Olympus"

  • Iron Maiden – “Virtual XI"

  • Rage – “XIII

  • Marduk – “Nightwing


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