#73 September 1998


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. We're nearing the end of 1998 with only 3 months (episodes) left to go! September of 1998 saw releases from quite a few Black Metal bands, as well as a band that changed the face of Death Metal puts out their final album before the untimely death of their founding member. This month releases has music from nearly all over the world, with Canada, Ireland, Norway and Finland.

Albums we discussed:

  • Ritual Carnage – “The Highest Law

  • Aura Noir – “Deep Tracts of Hell

  • Antestor – “The Return of the Black Death

  • Marilyn Manson – “Mechanical Animals

  • Death – “The Sound of Perseverance"

  • All Out War – “For Those Who Were Crucified

  • Primordial – “A Journeys End

  • Nothingface – “An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity

  • Apocalyptica – “Inquisition Symphony

  • Soilent Green – “Sewn Mouth Secrets

  • Crytopsy - "Whisper Supremacy"

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