#81 Kyle Rasmussen (Vitriol)


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Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History. My guest for this episode of the podcast is Kyle Rasmussen, Guitar player/Vocalist of the Death Metal Band Vitriol, based out of Oregon. When writing up the description for this episode I barely knew what to include or cover about our conversation in this episode, Kyle was easily one of the most interesting, honest and eloquent person to talk to and while we do spend about an hour talking about music and the band, the last hour is filled with Kyle’s personal struggle with addiction and his complete transparency of what he dealt with after an intense surgery almost took his life and was left addicted to pain killers. I feel like thats about all I need to say and I hope that Kyle’s story and honesty will help anyone who listens to this that may be struggling with their own addictions as well. I cant thank him enough for the way he approached this story and his willingness to discuss a serious issue.

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