Discography 001: bLiNd's First Aid Kit, Backlight, Nocturnalism


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Discography is an Andijack Music original series that aims to expand on Heavy Rotation’s Supershow format by providing deep dives into an artist’s catalog. Season 1 focuses on video game remix veteran bLiNd and we're diving into his First Aid Kit, Backlight, and Nocturnalism albums.


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00:00: bLiNd- Cherry Limaid Drinkin' Gyangsta Gyal (ft. Taranthriller & Don Goliath)

05:53: bLiNd- Don't Fire

12:42: bLiNd- Cactus Flower

19:12: bLiNd- Blacklight

25:33: bLiNd- Santiago

28:55: bLiNd- Cherry Limeaid

37:47: bLiNd- Melonaid

40:03: bLiNd- Rock It Steady

45:02: bLiNd- Alone (ft. Stevo Bortz)

47:45: bLiNd- Dusk of Mojave

54:55: bLiNd- Limeaid

57:10: bLiNd- Ghosts N' Pills

1:00:35: bLiNd- Yellow Jacket

1:06:48: bLiNd- First Rain

1:12:30: bLiNd- Harder Lemonade

1:17:10: bLiNd- Blackened

1:22:41: bLiNd- Cocoon

1:28:41: bLiNd- You Need A Sub

1:33:46: bLiNd- Pink Lemonaid

1:39:38: bLiNd- Dune Waves

1:44:58: bLiNd- Bubble Bobble

1:47:30: bLiNd- Coolaid

1:53:35: bLiNd- Whitened

1:58:38: bLiNd- Bijuu

2:05:14: bLiNd- Lemonaid

2:09:48: bLiNd- Caravan

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