Discography 003: bLiNd's Furious, Liquid Nights, & Klang OST


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Discography is an Andijack Music original series that aims to expand on Heavy Rotation’s Supershow format by providing deep dives into an artist’s catalog. Season 1 focuses on video game remix veteran bLiNd and we're diving into his Furious and Liquid Nights EPs along with the original soundtrack for rhythm game Klang, which was released through GameChops.


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bLiNd- Angel Tracks (City Level Ambient)

bliNd- Speedometer

bLiNd- Take it to the Beat

bLiNd- Tune Blades (Bonus Song)

bLiNd- Feel Fire

bLiNd- Disco Balls (Training Level Bonus)

bLiNd- Neoteknika (City Bonus 1)

bLiNd- Portal Jumper (Other Dimension)

bLiNd- 3 AM

bLiNd- Floating

bLiNd- Ether Real (Alternate)

bLiNd- Rock Bottom (Caves)

bLiNd- El Niño

bLiNd- Overlcocked (City Bonus 2)

bLiNd- Cruisin'

bLiNd- Welcome to the Kick (Training Level & Elevator)

bLiNd- Agent Klang (Factory Bonus)

bLiNd- Death Angel (City Boss)

bLiNd- Bladerunner (Elevator Boss)

bLiNd- Coolaid (Other Dimension)

bLiNd- VHS (Other Dimension)

bLiNd- Fastlane

bLiNd- Netherworld (Other Dimension Overworld)

bLiNd- Shanty Shuffle (The Pirate Bay)

bLiNd- Sonos (Tower Boss)

bLiNd- Klang (Main Theme Club Mix)

bLiNd- Dubai

bLiNd- Dimension Rift (Other Dimension)

bLiNd- Shuffle Jumper (Pirate Coves)

bLiNd- Otherworld (Overworld Theme)

bLiNd- Full Moon

bLiNd- Bazz (Gladiator Boss)

bLiNd- The Trickster (Final Boss)

bLiNd- Peak Waves (Top of the Tower Theme)

bLiNd- Welcome to the End (End Credits)

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