045: Monstercat Instinct Volume 3 Supershow


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This is Heavy Rotation, a weekly celebration of the music that brings us together. Coming up in this episode is a supershow with Monstercat's latest compilation: Instinct Volume 3, along with a look at a remix package for SLUMBERJACK's SARAWAK EP.


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00:00: Nonsens & Ericka Jane- We All

03:00: Duumu- You Say (ft. Pauline Herr)

06:08: Slippy- Own Me

09:11: SLUMBERJACK- Hide and Seek (ft. Claire Ridgely) [Duumu Remix]

11:50: Mazare & Luma- Nothing More

15:34: Nitro Fun- Home

18:15: Slushii- Dreaming of You

21:27: Duumu- Wash Away (ft. Danyka Nadeau)

24:07: CloudNone & Matt Van- Juliet

27:30: Aiobahn & RudeLies- Motivation (ft. Kris Kiss)

30:24: Nitro Fun- So Far Away

33:36: SLUMBERJACK & Machine Age- Daggers (SLUMBERJACK & ËMMË VIP)

36:49: Lil Hank- Hank's Happy Place

40:14: Grant- Color (ft. Juneau)

43:32: DESERT STAR- Foreign Land

45:55: Dion Timmer- Internet Boy (ft. Micah Martin)

48:56: CloudNone- Blue To Blue

52:12: Murdock- In Touch (ft. Veela)

55:24: Half an Orange- Given Up

58:49: Disero & FTKS- About Us (ft. Winter)

1:01:41: Vicetone- Waiting (ft. Daisy Guttridge)

1:04:58: Bishu- Blind Spots

1:07:06: Disero- Like That (ft. Josh Smith)

1:10:03: Mazare & RUNN- Where Do We Go

1:13:21: 7 Minutes Dead- Without Chu (ft. Emsi)

1:16:34: SLUMBERJACK- Hide and Seek (ft. Claire Ridgely) [Falling North Remix]

1:19:22: Nonsens- Heroes (ft. Tobias Stenkjær)

1:22:23: Midoca- Poor Surgeon

1:25:49: Infected Mushroom & Tuna- Lost In Space (ft. A-Wa)

1:30:38: Protostar- Feel Your Heart (ft. Sam Tabor)

1:35:24: Bishu & Anjulie- Control

1:38:36: SLUMBERJACK & Ekali- Closure (Oriental Cravings Remix)

1:41:00: Rogue- Oceans

1:45:08: Julian Calor- No Fear Anymore (ft. Ava Silver)

1:47:47: Trivecta- Tornado (ft. Monika Santucci)

1:50:46: Braken- Wherever You Go

1:53:24: Feint- Drifters (ft. Elizaveta)

1:57:29: Direct & Killabyte- One Less Star

(ft. Matt Van)

2:01:03: Au5- Eden (ft. Danyka Nadeau)

2:05:28: CloudNone & Elle Vee- Out There

2:08:55: Rootkit- Voyage

2:11:55: Vicetone- Fences (ft. Matt Wertz)

2:15:18: Laszlo- Rendezvous

2:18:16: SLUMBERJACK- Hide and Seek (ft. Claire Ridgely) [WILDLYF Remix]

2:21:00: Bossfight- Overdose (ft. Philip Strand)

2:24:46: Half an Orange- End of the Moon

2:28:26: Grant- Wishes (ft. McCall)

2:32:13: Mr. FijiWiji & Matt Van- Enough

2:35:36: Conro- Remember You

2:38:36: Vicetone- Home

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