052: Chiptunes = WIN Volume 8 supershow


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This is Heavy Rotation, a celebration of the music that brings us together. I’m finally getting the chance to catch up on a compilation that released just before I left for vacation in July from the venerable Chiptunes = WIN. This is their eighth annual mega-release and I couldn’t miss sharing it with the world because of the propensity of great chiptunes and since they’ve been extremely supportive of me and Heavy Rotation over the years. Strap in and enjoy the mix! -- SUPPORT ME -- Follow me around the Interwebs: andrewokwuosah.com Become a Patron for early access to Heavy Rotation: http://patreon.com/andijackproductions Submit your tracks or guest mixes for a chance to be featured on the show: http://andrewokwuosah.com/music -- TRACKLIST — Segment 1: Vault Kid- Summer Wars asinago- Outlaw Cheapshot- Get Smashed Boy Meets Robot- Try Hard Life Auxcide- Meteor Blake Inc.- Supersonic Proving Grounds Dimeback- Holding One’s Own posu yan- cherry sprinkles Segment 2: dogs++- Scooter Rally Awesome Force- B E G AZD0wn- Despite Everything, It’s Still You Game Jam! & Echo2- Deep Sea Puzzle dachampster- DRAGONROLL PALACE Cityfires- Sandpiper Squad faRk- Ypp-Ypp Failpositive- SLICE AND DICE Gesceap- Big time bass in ya face FlightWish- A Bossa Loafer at Heart Game Genie Sokolov- Contact Guérin- Dustwalker Hoji Hondo- 8-Brick Block Jakk & Dya- Warcry JammerC64- Chip Innuendos Jamphibious- Supernova Jentu- The Tale of Kingsville Harbor Joe Swensen- End of the Line Kabayama- On Fire Karl Brueggemann- Date with Density King Bubu- 9,000 Years Proud of You KRVET- Giant Palmiped laamaa- nuri brut Lemonecrtic- Reconstitution Pipeline ModalModule- Hurry, Destiny Awaits! Muzak Efron- Fukuoka Nightmare Ultra Drift National Broadcast Network- Galactic Petriform- 8 = ∞ (Extradimensional Return Trip) PICE- Home :Poin7less- Mintbeats!!! pouale- Zealous Tide Robyn- Colourful Harvest Scythe- Green wind Skybox- Sunbeams SolarLune- Like this, like this Techno Mage- Fistbreaker Tobikomi- Tomato Juice Totality- Revelation Station (Original Mix) Turbo Chip- I Miss Ur Luv Uctumi- Abya Yala Viktor Kraus- Elbel あみる/Amir- Flip-Flip-Flop amateurLSDJ- Endgame ナイトテラー - 1cc --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heavy-rotation/support

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