Heavy Rotation 046: GameChops & Chill


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This is Heavy Rotation, a weekly celebration of the music that brings us together. Coming up in this episode is a supershow focusing on GameChops' _ & Chill albums, downtempo takes on the Mario & Zelda soundtracks produced by Helynt and Mikel respectively.

Subscribe to GameChops: http://youtube.com/gamechops?sub_confirmation=1


Mario & Chill: http://smarturl.it/mariochill

Zelda & Chill: http://smarturl.it/zeldachill


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00:00: Mikel- Fairy Fountain

02:32: Helynt- Odyssey

05:00: Mikel- Dark World

07:35: Helynt- Rainbow Road

10:35: Mikel- Oath to Order

13:25: Helynt- Dire Dire Docks

16:30: Mikel- Breath of the Wild

18:48: Helynt- Piranha Plant Lullaby

20:08: Helynt- Overworld

22:58: OHEY & Ahanu- Lone Wolf (Jackie Lombardi Remix)

25:14: Helynt- Staff Roll

28:35: Mikel- Legend of Zelda

31:04: Helynt- Steam Gardens

34:10: Mikel- Kakriko Village

36:45: Helynt- Gusty Gardens

40:04: Mikel- Dragon Roost Island

42:38: Helynt- Rosalina

45:10: Mikel- Minuet of Forest

47:26: Helynt- Deep Castle

49:35: Mikel- Ballad of the Goddess

51:45: Mikel- Gerudo Valley

53:50: Helynt- Luma

54:57: Mikel- Hateno Village

57:35: Mikel- Lost Woods (apologies for the technical issues)

1:03:20: Mikel- Song of Storms

1:06:40: Mikel- Ocarina of Time

1:08:50: Mikel- Lost Woods

1:11:20: Helynt- Game Over

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