Heavy Rotation 047: A Tribute to Etika


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This is Heavy Rotation, a weekly celebration of the music that brings us together. Truthfully, this isn't the episode I planned to record but hearing that Etika lost his battle to mental illness shook me and most of my small circle online to its core. As I've done so many times while battling my own struggles with anxiety, depression, and a lack of a self-confidence, I turned to music to get me through what was a tough day for so many online. Yes, there's still the normal blend of new music here but more importantly, I hope this mix can provide some healing to you listening as it did for me while putting it together.

If there's one thing we can learn from this tragedy, it's that we need to all be better to ourselves and to each other. If you're ever struggling, know that there's always a Saving Light in the world for you either with someone you trust or through the many hotlines available. Please seek out help if you feel that you need it. You are loved and important.

Along with providing a lengthy list of hotlines that you might find useful, the Buddy Project does an incredible job of pairing people together with a buddy based on common interests. I'd highly recommend checking it out: http://buddy-project.org/hotlines


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00:00: Bird Boy- Widgeon (Mareca Penelope)

02:17: Vicetone- Feels Like (ft. LAUR) [Sabai Remix]

05:23: Jackie Lombardi- Dove's Eye View

09:21: F.O.O.L- TIme Spender

12:57: F.O.O.L- Underground Raver

16:36: Pixel Terror- Amnesia

20:17: Xilent- Interluden

23:55: Xilent- Only Now

27:20: QORA- After

30:00: Gareth Emery & Standerwick- Saving Light (ft. HALIENE)

34:31: Vicetone- Something Strange (ft. Haley Reinhart) [Zack Martino Remix]

37:26: nelward- Sleepwalk

39:46: Overspace- Old Town Road (ft. K.K. Slider)

42:08: Jackie Lombardi- Alone

44:22: Kill Paris- Venus Fly Trap

47:06: Nonsens & Ericka Jane- We All

50:17: Grant- Wishes (ft. McCall)

54:15: Bloodcode- Take Me Home (ft. Wishlyst) [GRIMECRAFT 'Stay Together' VIP]

57:30: Vicetone- Home (Eminence Remix)

1:01:59: Julian Calor- Space Flute

1:05:18: Rogue- Let's Talk

1:09:05: SkittlesBeats- Night Lights

1:10:36: Cheddr- Night Lights

1:13:45: Passdaherbs x Odideus- Can't Nobody Tell Me Nothing

1:16:20: Pinkfong- Baby Shark Dance (PSN STNG Remix)

1:19:11: heavensense- sonic drowning theme

1:21:05: KYLE- iSpy (ft. Lil Yachty) [GRIMECRAFT Remix]

1:24:47: Hyper Potions & Mega Flare- Where We Wanna Be (ft. Slyleaf)

1:28:06: Charli XCX- Focus (ABSRDST Remix)

1:31:24: OHEY & Ahanu- Lone Wolf (Jackie Lombardi Remix)

1:33:54: Ephixa & Heartful- Sundance

1:37:00: Vicetone- Fences (ft. Matt Wertz) [Elton Kit Remix]

1:39:29: Half An Orange & Inukshuk- Left Behind

1:42:55: F.O.O.L- Breaking Boundaries

1:45:46: F.O.O.L- Carry On (ft. Holly Drummond)

1:50:30: Rogue- Barbed Wire

1:53:25: F.O.O.L & Midranger- Neon

1:57:42: Half an Orange- Given Up

2:01:25: Gill Chang- One for You (ft. glasscat) [Spré Remix]

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