Bonus: Offices and Bosses S3E1 - Chief Executive Fintaur


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To honor the 5th anniversary, enjoy this bonus episode from the Stitcher Premium series Offices and Bosses! Hornelius the Fintaur helps kick off a new season of Offices & Bosses with new Office Manager Traach the Kobold! Arnie, Chunt and Usidore introduce their latest characters for this exciting Chief Executive version of O&B! Who will be the first to reach C level?! Is Arnie a vampire? Grab your stapler and die and let's get rolling!


Arnie, aka The Masked CEO: Arnie Niekamp
Chunt, aka P.J. Success: Adal Rifai
Usidore, aka Clairm Collaite-Mug: Matt Young
Traach, aka Office Manager: James D’Amato
Hornelius, aka Tony Obsidian: John Patrick Coan
Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen

Producer: Adal Rifai
Post-Production Coordination: Garrett Schultz
Editor: Stephen Dranger
Special Assistance: Ryan DiGiorgi
O&B Logo: Allard Laban
Theme Music: Andy Poland

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